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 Fireside Company History

In 1970 Fireside was one of the original licensees of the New American Bible Catholic text. In fact, a Fireside New American Bible was the first NAB edition off the press in 1970.

Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, Fireside became the leading publisher of English Catholic Family Bibles in the country. Marketing directly to Catholic parishes, the call for the need for a "Bible in every Catholic home" was heeded by thousands of Catholic families. In 1985, Fireside also developed a complete line of study Bibles for use in the Catholic classroom. Since that time it has become a leading supplier of Catholic hand-sized Bibles to Catholic High Schools, Catholic Elementary Schools and Catholic Parish Classrooms.

By the 1990s, Catholics began searching far beyond the specialty outlets of the parish or Catholic bookstore for all kinds of Catholic product. Soon, traditional Christian outlets and even secular bookstores began filling Catholic Bible needs. In November of 1997, Fireside responded to this unique demand by introducing its entire line to bookstores.

Even though Fireside Catholic Bibles continue to be popular in parishes and schools, now, the demand for Fireside product is also being met in a variety of retail venues from the small family-owned bookstore to some of the largest retail chains across the country.

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Fireside Catholic Publishing is located in Wichita, Kansas. We are a world leader in the Bible Publishing Industry.

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Fireside is committed to serving you. With a line of Catholic Bibles to fit all your needs, Fireside recognizes how important a Bible is to every person's life.

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Fireside Bibles speak for themselves. When you pick up a Fireside Catholic Bible and compare it to other Bibles, you'll see and feel the difference. Fireside Bibles look like a Bible should. Our Bibles are delivered to you with our promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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We serve customers from coast to coast and around the world.

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